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How a Swindler Woman I met on Tinder scammed me $43.300 in 3 weeks with Crypto: International Awareness for Tinder Scammers and the Wanted Swindler Woman who robbed me. Be careful, She can rob you.


My goal with this Website:

Not only inform news websites and international police to find this swindler woman who is robbing men on Tinder but also create International Awareness on this matter and create awareness about this woman so that people will recognize her and  stay away from her.

What happened?

I met a woman on Tinder on 19 April 2023 for friendship and a potential relationship. Then we went on to chat on Whatsapp. She introduced her name as “Milena”. In three weeks, She scammed me and robbed my 43.300 dollars (as crypto usdt). We talked until 10 May 2023 when I finally realized I was robbed. *I will tell whole story at the end of this page, after I introduce her.

How swindle/robbing happened?

She said she makes a lot of money with crypto investing on a website with special tactics and timing. She sent several fake screenshot to me to make me believe that she makes a lot of money this way. Then she advised me to invest in this scam crypto website. She also made me belive to this website with several tactics. My invested 43.300 dollars seemed to increase to 55.000 dollars. But when I tried to get out around 25.000 dollars from the platform, website owner (she) didin’t let me take out the money, she didn’t approve withdrawal request. And then website owner (she) changed my website password that I couldn’t even login again. So she grabbed my money in this website and robbed my money. I have all screenshots of transactions, I will reveal them all at the end.

Where was my money robbed (scam website)?

Who is She, the Swindler Woman – Tinder Robber Tinder Swindler ?

She introduced her name as Milena. She said she was born in Hong Kong and lives in Moscow. When she visited this website as first visitor, I detected 2 signals that a PC enterance from Seoul, South Korea and iPhone enterance from Riyadh,Saudi Arabia. International Police and FBI can find her with her phone signals, Instagram account IP and also with facial recognition technology thanks to her photos. Below is all her details for police and internatioanl news websites to find her.

Her Phone number:
+852 9261 3910

Her Instagram (she closed it but you get her account information from Instagram):

Her Twitter:

Her Voice:

Swindler Woman’s Photos for International Recognition and for Police to Find Her


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Whole Story of How I was Robbed $43.300 in 3 weeks by above Swindler Woman

Hello, my name is Olgu. I live in Turkey. I am 37 years old. I am single and have 2 daughters. 6 months ago (before this robbing incident happened), I divorced my wife who I was married for 8 years. I was feeling very lonely and emotionally I was having a tough time. I’ve never used apps like Tinder before in my life. I thought maybe I would meet with a nice woman on the Tinder app and start a serious relationship. I installed Tinder on April 17, 2023 and within few days I met a woman named Milena (who robbed me in 3 weeks).

The first day we met, she told me that she is interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. But we were talking about this from time to time, we didn’t talk in detail. But as the days passed, she started talking more about cryptocurrencies and within a week, she convinced me to transfer money to the crypto website she used to scam me:

This scam website has a scam system that it constantly earns money for you when you buy and sell crypto in the derived account section. You seem to win every time you trade. But the scammer does not allow you to trade on your own. She says you can lose money. So she made me do whatever she told me to do in this website, she didnt want me to do anything on my own. This scam website system made me earn money with all the tradings (she made me around 10 tradings). So that as I saw I was erning all the time with all the trades, she made me bring more money to the website for earning even more.

We had a very realistic conversation with her about the relationship. She said she was betrayed by her husband. She even said that her ex husband cheated her with her business partner, and then her ex-husband married to her business partner. She said she was emotionally depressed. She said she wanted a serious relationship, not sex. She shared photos of her daily work and life, food etc. She had a conversation that made me feel like she was a reliable person. She didn’t send so many photos, but everytime she took a photo, she gained my trust more and more.

This is how she gained my trust and deceived me, and made me trust both her and her scam website. I first transferred 500 usdt from my Binance account to the website. She made me increase it to $605 with the fake transactions on her website. Then she asked me to transfer all the money back to my Binance account to learn how I can take money out of this scam website. In fact, while doing this, she made me believe that this scam website is a trustable webiste. I made a transfer request in the scam website to send 605 usdt to my Binance account, and within 2 minutes the request was approved (she does these approvals herself). When this process took place, I started to trust the website as she expected. Then She started to tell me to send larger amounts to earn more. She even convinced me that the tradings would be risky if I would trade with small amounts, and I could lose a lot. She said to me “if you want to win, trade with big money, otherwise the trade is veryrisky” and she convinced me to send higher amounts. This is how she made me send larger amounts to the website.

Then I started sending more money to the scam website. I converted many different crypto currencies that I had to usdt in my Binance account. I transferred all of my crypto money to this scam website. I also sent money from my personal bank account to the crypto exchange and from there sent money to this scam website.

I transferred the following amounts respectively to this scam website:

29 April 2023: 7305 dollars (usdt)
02 May 2023: 720 dollars (usdt)
02 May 2023: 1182 dollars (usdt)
02 May 2023: 9485 dollars (usdt)
04 May 2023: 8600 dollars (usdt)
04 May 2023: 8624 dollars (usdt)
05 May 2023: 7594 dollars (usdt)

I wanted to withdraw 105 usdt on May 9, 2023. I was able to get this request approved in 2 hours by writing many times to the chat support of this scam website. Milena was the person to approve it, but she waited so long to approve it. This was the only transfer I was able to make myself for taking out my money from this scam website.

Then again the same day, on 9 May 2023, I sent other 2 withdrawal requests $9,295 and $16,005, total of $25,300. The website (meaning Milena) did not approve them. She even said that my account was locked for security reasons and that they would only activate the account if I transferred 25,300 as risk deposit. So on top of $44.300, she would defraud me for another $25,300 by promising to unlock my account if I transfer this amount. I stated that, If there is need for security authentication, I want to secure my account with email and phone verification. However, they did not accept this. Actually there was no such thing as a security problem anyway, it was already a lie. She asked me to immediately transfer $25,300 to activate my account. She even said that if I don’t make this transfer immediately, my account will be closed for at least 10 years, and then I will need to go to their Singapore office (there is no such office by the way) with my ID to get my account back. That was a big lie. That is when I realized I had been scammed and my money was robbed.

While I was writing to the website support screen (which was actually Milena), I wrote to Milena on Whatsapp and told her to transfer $25,300 to my account to activate the account, and I would pay her back when the account would be actived. But of course she refused. But when she understood that I will not send $ 25.300, she offered to support me with $ 5.000. That way, she’ll would steal another $20,000 from me. But of course, I didn’t do it because I had already realized that this woman is a robber, a swindler woman.

On May 10, 2023 she completely closed my account on the website and changed the password. She completely grabbed the money. I had sent total of $43.510 to this scam crypto website. Subtracting $105 she first made me earn and the $105 that I was able to get out from this scam website (which she allowed me to withdrawal), she defrauded me for a total of $43,300.

People like Milena take advantage of our emotionally tough times. They gain our trust. Then they scam us with the promise of crypto investments.

Pay attention to this king of robbing. I will do my best to share this website with many people around the world, police, news websites, journalists and influencer. Please you also share this website with your friends and let them know this. Do not fall into this trap. And I believe this website will get attention soon and this swindler woman Milena will be caught soon, so that she will not be able to rob more people.

Screenshots of All Transactions on This Scam Website

Screenshot of Scam Website on 16 May 2023